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Textbook return policy:

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How do I find out what books I need for my courses?
Once you have registered, you will print a schedule of classes through Omnivox which will also include your booklist. The titles you are required to purchase will be listed.

What do I do once I have my booklist?

You can order online under Textbook Search OR:

Bring your booklist to the Campus Store and we will retreive your books. Please verify that they are correct before proceeding to the cash.

What if I don't have a booklist?
You can use the Textbook Search link (top of page) and follow the instructions.

What if the store runs out of the book(s) that I need?
Books are sometimes back ordered with the Publishers. But if you give us your name and ID number, we will contact you when the book arrives.

I am in my first year. How much should I expect to spend on books?
Each year the college publishes a brochure on college costs based on average book expenditures in each program. The figures provided are an estimate only, For example:

Program Books/Course Materials price range:

Arts, Literature & Communication $100 to $150
Business Administration $100 to $250
Commerce $100 to $250
Computer Science $100 to $250
Correctionnal Intervention $100 to $250
Dental Hygiene $500 to $1500
Engineering Technologies $100 to $250
Fine Arts $100 to $250
Information & Library Technologies $100 to $250
Liberal Arts $100 to $250
Nursing $500 to $1200
Police Technology $250 to $500
Professional Theatre $100 to $250
Publication Design & Hypermedia $100 to $250
Sciences $100 to $250
Social Science $100 to $250

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