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John Abbott College Campus Store
21275 Lakeshore Rd Ste- Anne -de- Bellevue, Qc
H9X 3L9

Stewart Hall RM147 right beside the cafeteria

Tel: (514) 457-6610
Fax: (514) 457-2283

Debbie Job, Manager
Ext. 5242

Wendy MacDonald, Textbook/Giftware Buyer
Ext. 5241

Kathy Koluzs, Course Packs/Copyright Services/Staff Stationery
Ext. 5243

Danielle Perrault, General Merchandise Buyer
Ext. 5095

Laurie Harris, Retail Services
Ext. 5551
Julieta Linao, Retail Services







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Monday - Friday (9am - 4pm)

Saturday - CLOSED

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